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Reunion Free Zone: a modern business address at the heart of Reunion Island

One of the key cornerstones of business success is an inspiring work environment. Reunion Free Zone the unique commercial complex in Reunion Island, the world's leading Free Zone.

Reunion Free Zone flagship commercial property, Reunion Free Zone, is a premium 'one-stop-shop' business facility. Designed to satisfy a comprehensive range of corporate requirements, the complex has been developed to maximise commercial growth and enable your company to operate and thrive in a hassle-free, seamless environment.

Offering all the elements of a successful business ecosystem, this is the perfect location for your business to showcase its success, as well as network and connect with more than 5,500 leading local and international businesses.

Setting up your business in Reunion Free Zone

Depending on the number of shareholders and the nature of business, Reunion Free Zone offers different formation types, different types of licenses and a wide variety of license activities.

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