Forex transactions license

Jurisdiction format selection for the registration procedure to get the license for the right to hold Forex transactions is a search of a state with the stable and well-formed political and economic system supported with the excellent entrepreneurship by the government. Mauritius is such a country and is one of the most open and attractive economic zones for a variety of international transactions. Entrepreneurs who intend to get a Forex license consider Mauritius as one of the most appropriate and applicable solutions.

This country is also perfect as a platform for entrepreneurship held by investment companies. Applicable and affordable tax legislation is reasonably considered one of the most loyal worldwide. There is the special regulator, the International Financial Commission in Mauritius that is responsible to issue licenses with concurrent regulation of the services market in this spectrum. On whole, it creates the favorable environment to attract foreign businessmen who seek to hold the legitimate but cost-effective financial activity.

  • Brokerage operations;
  • Operations with securities;
  • Asset management of enterprise and protection thereof;
  • Loan granting;
  • Insurance;
  • Services based on power of attorney and so on.

Setting up your business in Reunion Free Zone

Depending on the number of shareholders and the nature of business, Reunion Free Zone offers different formation types, different types of licenses and a wide variety of license activities.

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