Offshore Banking

Infrastructure-ready for banking in Reunion Free Zone

A banking license is a legal prerequisite for a financial institution that wants to carry on a banking business. Under the laws of most jurisdictions, a business is not permitted to carry words like a bank, insurance, national in their name, unless it holds a corresponding license. Depending to their banking regulations, jurisdictions may offer different types of banking licenses, such as

  • full banking licenses for general banking activities, such as taking deposits from the general public
  • international banking licenses (offshore banking licenses), which prohibits any local business activities
  • non-banking financial institution (NBFI) is an institution that provides financial services but has to comply with less regulations than a full banking license.

Setting up your business in Reunion Free Zone

Depending on the number of shareholders and the nature of business, Reunion Free Zone offers different formation types, different types of licenses and a wide variety of license activities.

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